The water

Water is the basic element of life: without water, life would not exist. The earth is made up of three quarters of water, as is the human being. The quality of our life, our health and our appearance directly depend on the quality of the water we ingest.

The importance
of water

10 reasons why you should consider one of our solutions:

Osmosis, innovation for health

To perform its vital functions in the best possible way, the water must obviously be as pure as possible, but today pollution, as everyone knows, has also affected the aquifers. Nature relentlessly purifies and recycles the water on earth which has always been the same for millions of years, through natural processes, osmosis. Osmosis is a physiological process therefore present in Nature, in plants, as in the tissues of the human body and in the respiratory system of fish. We have introduced the osmosis process inside our filters, leading us to a quality of life and daily well-being, by adjusting the characteristics of the water according to our tastes. The filtration systems that make purified and mineralized water are used, for example, in large companies such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, restaurants and distilleries … So what to do?

Drinking clean water has a number of health benefits

Whether you live in Chiasso, Mendrisio, Lugano, Bellinzona, Locarno, Ascona or anywhere else in the world, being able to benefit from pure, filtered water can definitely improve your overall health. The health benefits of drinking clean water have been known for many years. In recent years, you will have overlooked the fact that contaminated agents can enter the plumbing system. Remember that water contamination can occur at any time, what is worse is when the contamination slowly builds up over time. The following are 10 reasons why you should consider using a system that can filter the water in your home or office. By doing this, you can improve the health of those you love and who you work with.

Better taste

The most obvious reason is that water filters eliminate all the negative elements caused by the odor of drinking water, including chlorine and bacterial contaminants that create an unpleasant experience when trying to drink unfiltered water. Using adequate water filters can certainly improve the overall experience that someone has when drinking water at home or in the office.

Eliminate heavy metals

Lead is a dangerous metal that, if consumed over a long period of time, can cause terrible effects on your health. For those who use water from sources that do not receive a thorough cleaning, having a water filtration system is essential to remove dangerous lead particles. Especially for children, lead can have a very debilitating effect.

Lower cost

Comparing the purchase of bottled water, a water filtration system will pay off very quickly. In fact, maintaining a water filtration system means cleaning and replacing the filters regularly, the costs of which are
reasonably cheap. As the cost of bottled water increases, investing in a water filtration system will start saving money in the long run.

Preventing certain causes of cancer

Research has indicated that byproducts that cause cancer and that enter the water can be removed by a suitable water filtration device. In fact, water filters can reduce the likelihood of contracting colon and bladder cancers by eliminating those particles of chlorine and chlorine by-products.

Maintain mineral salts

A lesser known aspect of drinking water is that the mineral salts contained within it can be good for the body, depending on the doses. An optimal water filtration system can remove dangerous particles while retaining healthy mineral deposits and establishing the optimal pH balance of the water as it should be.

Improvement of health and well-being

This is one of the most obvious benefits of drinking water that has been properly filtered. Without the harmful contaminants, the body responds better, and is prone to fewer diseases and infections, and this leads to greater well-being. Many weight loss programs rely on water to help the body get in shape and quickly lose the extra pounds. Some studies have shown that removing elements such as cryptosporidium from the water actually reduces the likelihood of contracting gastrointestinal disease by up to 33%. Such diseases can critically affect the elderly and children, as well as us. By filtering the water, a healthier environment is created and the chances of having gastrointestinal diseases are significantly reduced. Food will taste better and be healthier also thanks to drinking water that has been previously filtered.

Child protection

Having pure drinking water is vital for the proper development of children. Children are particularly vulnerable to disease. Remember that by having the appropriate water filters, you can eliminate these contaminations and keep children safe from many diseases.

Eliminate toxins

Often, filtered water is the body’s last line of defense. With over 2,100 known toxins in the water supply, having properly filtered the water you can save yourself from contracting many diseases, some of which can be difficult to diagnose their origin. This means that it is possible to eliminate the source of these potential health problems that might otherwise go unnoticed thanks to an adequate water filtration system.